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PBL10 Hosts Inaugural ComicCon

student showcasing their cominc(February 15, 2024) Students in PBL10 combined their knowledge of history, English, and chemistry to stage their first major exhibition of the year - the  inaugural PBL10 ComicCon, which featured student-written comic books, hero analyses and discussions, and chemically inspired villains. 

Students analyzed historical “heroes,” and learned about the hero’s journey and chemical properties. Students used AI image generators to create visuals of their hero and villain, as well as to illustrate their story in the form of a comic book. Students wrote papers on their historical figure, describing why they are a hero, and why society’s perception of them may not fit the typical hero characteristics. 

At ComicCon, which was staged in the high school library, guests were encouraged to ask students questions about their inspiration for choosing their historical figure, to describe their character's journey in becoming a heroic figure, what superpowers their hero has and why, and what they learned about the process of creation. 

Special thanks to Kevin Murphy, Kaity Ferraro and the Department of Innovation for their dedication to helping bring this project to life.