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CBK Students Study Native American Removal

students learning(Feb. 1, 2024) In Isaac Stanford’s seventh grade social studies class, students have been studying the removal of Native Americans from lands east of the Mississippi in the 1800s. Students first looked at the guiding question, “What Does it Mean to Remove a People?” and heard from members of the Native American community, looked at primary source documents, maps, and images. Students collaborated to interpret the perspectives of 19th-century leaders and modern day historians and looked at several case studies including the Muskogee and Cherokee Nations. 

Students then chose one Native Nation to research more deeply and explore documents and other artifacts related to that nation’s removal. To close out the unit, students investigated how native cultures and traditions are continuing today. They heard from a guest speaker from the Choctaw Nation (Jessica Tucker, mother of CBK student Aviva Tucker), who shared her family's removal story. Finally, the class analyzed how the Choctaw Nation is working with the Marvel Cinematic Universe to create a respectful depiction of its culture in the new series “Echo," which is now streaming on Hulu and Disney.