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NBC10 Reporter Teaches EP Gifted Students Empathic Storytelling

gifted students with reporter(December 14, 2023) NBC10 Reporter Brenna Weick visited EP gifted students to teach them about empathetic interviews for their upcoming empathy project, in which students will learn to tell journalistic stories through the lens of empathy with interviews and photographs. 

Weick presented her tips to the students on interviewing people in interesting ways to make a good story. “Every story needs to center on at least one character. It's your job to find their depth and let them shine in your story,” said Weick.

The morning shift reporter recommended starting with human impact when thinking about the angle of a story. Weick also demonstrated the difference between posed and candid photos, and how they can tell different stories. She shared her experience with discovering the art of asking questions, encouraging students to avoid yes or no questions, follow their gut if an interview veers off course, and always asking if there’s anything the interviewee would like to add. 

“I learned a lot from hands-on experience in the field,” said Weick. “ I was once told, ‘we don’t transcribe. We translate.’ It’s our job to help readers understand what the person we are interviewing really meant.”

After her presentation, students asked questions about her favorite stories to write, career path, education, and experience in pageants.