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CSD Innovation Launches FluxSpace Field Trips

students working at fluxspace(Nov. 14, 2023) CSD’s Department of Innovation launched the first of its sixth-grade field trips to FluxSpace in Norristown earlier this month, as part of the MontCo Build Back Better Grant. FluxSpace’s standard STEM Day field trip is inspired by the new STEELS (Science, Technology & Engineering, Environmental Literacy and Sustainability) standards surrounding design engineering and design thinking. 

Students started the day with a plethora of design challenges as a warm up, worked in teams, practiced iterative design and made modifications based on test results. Then, FluxSpace staff introduced students to the concepts of prototyping and design thinking. They walked students through the process of selecting a user, identifying needs and problems that a user faces, forming solutions for those problems, and, finally, building a prototype to present to the class. 

This plan was adjusted to include concepts sixth graders are about to start learning relative to thermal energy - the students need to create an invention that could solve a problem in response to empathizing with a firefighter. Field trips will continue throughout the rest of the 23-24 school year.

CSD is a subrecipient alongside Norristown School District for the MontCo Build Back Better Grant, of which FluxSpace is the recipient. The district is using the grant in a variety of ways including new makerspace furniture for all eight buildings, new STEM equipment for all eight buildings, field trips to FluxSpace for all third and sixth grade students, development of STEM curriculum, and professional learning for teachers.