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Dr. Scriven Convenes First Superintendent Student Advisory Council Meetings

SSAC CHS members(November 2, 2023) CSD Superintendent Dr. Brian W. Scriven convened the first of his monthly Superintendent Student Advisory Council (SSAC) meetings on Thursday, Nov. 2. The superintendent met with 25 students from Cheltenham High School and 15 students from Cedarbrook. Dr. Scriven will meet with Elkins Park students next week.

The opening meetings focused mainly on climate and culture in the students’ respective buildings. Following introductions and norm setting, Dr. Scriven divided the students into groups, and asked them to write their responses to the questions “What’s working?” and “What can we do better?” The entries on both sides of the ledger will now be synthesized into themes, from which the group’s goals and action plan will emanate.

Valuing student leaders who want to play a role in the change process, Dr. Scriven inaugurated the SSAC to establish a forum to gather student voice. The SSAC will provide a structure for equal two-way communication between superintendent and students, and allow a safe space for students to apply their developing leadership skills.

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