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Chimera Project Featured for Ingenuity and Pedagogy

chimera pdf(September 26, 2023) CBK teacher Isaac Stanford’s Chimera Project from this past spring was recently featured on the High Tech High Graduate School of Education’s (HTH GSE) “Unboxed” website, the goal of which is to spread good ideas that can improve schools. Aside from being featured, the project received a downloadable project card to provide other educators a quick glimpse of the inspiring project designed by a teacher and realized in collaboration with students.

In the Chimera Project, students examined folklore, myth, symbolism, and cultural traditions through making their own hybrid animals. To start the project, students learned about the ancient Greek myth that gives the project its name. Students then selected their favorite chimeras from all over the world to learn more about. Students researched the cultural significance, geographic origins and associated myths of the cultures these chimeras came from. Students created large posters showcasing their favorite chimera. In the second half of the project, students created their own chimeras based on their personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses and wrote their own creation myths. They used 3D design tools to create models of these new chimeras and printed them on the classroom 3D printer. Watch a video about the project>