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CHS Alumnus Jaheim Hill Selected for Youth Photography Exhibition at St. Joseph’s University

hill with his photos(September 12, 2023) CHS alumnus Jaheim Hill (2023) is showing a sample of his photography collection in the Youth Photography Exhibition at Saint Joseph’s University’s Frances M. Maguire Museum through September 20.

“With my love for portrait photography, I hope to create images that go beyond the ordinary,” Hill said. “Each portrait I capture is a unique composition with distinct characters, settings, and characteristics. I believe that a portrait should go beyond merely depicting a person; it should be a window into their world, revealing their individuality and story. I invite you to dive into the realm of portraits where each image is a gateway to a story, a reflection, and a celebration of the beauty that lives in every face.”

A student at Kutztown University, Hill participates in a local non-profit called VisionarIE: Our Lens, Our Story in his free time. The exhibition is open to the public and is on view during regular museum hours of Thursday through Sunday, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. For more information on the exhibition, visit