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State Representative Napoleon Nelson Celebrates Constitution Day with EP

Rep Nelson signing classroom constitutions with students

(September 15, 2022) Elkins Park School fifth and sixth graders lined the hallways as PA State Representative Napoleon Nelson officiated the signing and hanging of 29 classroom constitutions, which were created for Constitution Day on September 17, 2022.

“The constitution represents the first time we established the laws of our land,” said Rep. Nelson during an address to the students. “We are here to celebrate you doing the same thing for your classroom. I’m sure it was a long and difficult process to establish the rules for your classroom, as it was for the Founding Fathers. But they did it, and so did you, and we are so proud of you.” 

After reviewing the United States Constitution, students created guiding documents for their homeroom to follow for the remainder of the school year. Once their constitutions were created and displayed outside of their classrooms, students, teachers, and Rep. Nelson signed them. 

As part of this week’s lessons on the Constitution, students learned about one of this country’s founding documents, examined primary sources to identify their relationship to its central ideas, and debated the core constitutional principles as they related to their lives. The students of Rooms 219 and 220 even memorized a portion of the constitution and recited it for Rep. Nelson. 

You can find photos and videos from today’s celebration here