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CHS Rising Sophomore Theo Maher Attends Harvard Undergraduate International Scholars Program

theo maher headshot(June 9, 2022) Rising sophomore Theo Maher was one of the 250 students to attend the Harvard Undergraduate Foreign Policy Initiative’s annual virtual International Relations Scholars program, which took place from May 25-29. 

"I was inspired by my experience and can’t wait to continue my academic research with the institution as a junior research fellow,” said Maher. 

The Harvard Undergraduate International Relations Scholars Program features a range of professionals and academics. The equal-opportunity conference aims to reach students all across the world, of different nationalities, socioeconomic classes, and lived experiences. The program seeks to expose high schoolers to examining current foreign policy questions with prominent leaders in the field. 

Maher learned real-world policy writing skills, cross-cultural leadership, and how to address global challenges from all sectors of international relations through discussions with academics, experienced policymakers, government officials, and regional experts. 

“From the beginning of the school year, Theo demonstrated an enthusiasm and knowledge of current events and history, nationally and on a global scale,” said PBL Teacher Mike Kwas. “It is no surprise he was selected for this program of international policy studies.”