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CBK Scientists Place at MontCo Science Competition, Two Qualify for Delaware Valley Science Fair

montco science competition winners(April 19, 2022) CBK scientists earned a handful of top finishes and prizes at the recent Montgomery County Science Research Competition (MCSRC). 

At MCSRC, students competed against more than 120 students from across Montgomery County using a traditional tri-fold board. CBK students took home 16 awards (seven place awards and nine special awards) from this highly competitive competition.

Zachary Rowe won the “most promising young scientist,” taking home winning the coveted “Stangl Award,” and a Microsoft Surface Pro for his project “The Spin in the Pitch: How Does Pine Tar Affect a Pitch?” Josie Semien-Graef and her project “Achoo! Masks and Permeability” won the “Rita C. Mesthos Award,” which included a cash prize of $300.

Semien-Graef and Mo Thach earned second place finishes to qualify for the next stage of the competition, the Delaware Valley Science Fair (DVSF). Third place finishers included Klara Hartwell in botany for “Color Contrast: A Study of Pigments in Plants”; Jeffery Yen in computer science for “Keeping It Classified:  How Secure is Your Password?”; Anastasia Owens in math with “54 Mixed Pieces:  What Method Solves a Rubik's Cube Fastest?” Evan Holovachuk in physics with “A Dusty Downfall:  How Does Dust Affect Solar Panels?” Jonas Holochwost earned an honorable mention in behavioral for “Musical Reactions: The Effects of Music on Reaction TImes.”

Semien-Graef earned an honorable mention in the DVSF in the consumer science category. Classmate Mo Thach competed at the DVSF in the chemistry category for the experiment “How Does a Different Amount of Baking Soda Affect the Length of a Fire Snake?” but did not earn any commendations. 

Congratulations to all of CBK’s science fair participants.