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Budding CBK Scientists Earn Top Finishes at PJAS Competition

PJAS winners(April 19, 2022) Eleven Cedarbrook students recently exhibited projects they’ve been working on for months at the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) competition. Presenting their projects verbally to judges and an audience of peers, five CBK students earned first place awards and four CBK students earned second place awards competing against a rubric.

“Kudos to all our science fair scholars,” said advisor Beth Kenna. “Completing a science fair project and preparing for competitions is certainly no easy feat while juggling academics and extracurricular activities. It has been my extreme pleasure supporting these budding scientists.”

First place winners were Klara Hartwell (Color Contrast: A Study of Pigments in Plants); Evan Holovachuk (A Dusty Downfall: How Does Dust Affect Solar Panels?); Zachary Rowe (The Spin in the Pitch: How Does Pine Tar Affect a Pitch?); Josie Semien-Graef (Achoo! Masks and Permeability); and Mo Thach (How Does a Different Amount of Baking Soda Affect the Length of a Fire Snake?). Those who earned first place awards are eligible to attend PJAS States, a three-day competition held at Penn State University in May.