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CHS PBL10 Students Perform Original Poetry During “Poetic Justice: A Project Based Poet Production”

pbl10 students (April 1, 2022) PBL10 students performed original poetry inspired by poems from their lesson in the student-run “Poetic Justice” showcase on Friday, April 1. Throughout the project, the young PBL10 poets studied multiple performance poems in March Madness-style rounds, answering the essential question: “How does poetry impact the way we think about ourselves, others, and the world?”

The poets closely annotated and analyzed the poems according to “The Big Six:” Title, Speaker, Paraphrase, Theme, Tools, and Turns. The students then chose their favorite poem from the round, and used it as a mentor text to create their original poems. Poets had the opportunity to share any written works from their poetry journals on three different “Open Mic Fridays.”  

“The open mic performances were mesmerizing, and created a vulnerable and eye-opening magic, never to be forgotten. These powerful performances strengthened the bond among students, never to be broken,” said PBL10 teacher Kristyn Sanborn. 

After choosing one original work from their poetry journals, poets chose to perform on stage or join the showcase production team. Poets who elected to go behind the scenes for the showcase also picked their favorite original poem to create an audio recording using Soundtrap. They recorded and re-recorded their poems on three occasions, revising after annotating their own poems and receiving help from critical friends. 

View the work of PBL10 students here.