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EP Students Meet Holocaust Survivor and Siblings

EP students with Danon siblings(March 25, 2022) Lise Marlowe’s Elkins Park sixth graders learned about the incredible story of the Danon siblings, Holocaust survivor Sarah Meller and her siblings, Isak and Esther, at a meet and greet this week at Keneseth Israel (KI) in Elkins Park. The students met the family and asked questions to further their understanding of the difficult journey the family had to freedom. 

“Students opened their hearts and were moved by the Holocaust survivors’ story,” said Marlowe, who is the chair of the education committee at the Holocaust Awareness Museum at KI. “EP students understood they are the final generation to meet a survivor, and to meet three who are siblings was truly remarkable.”  

“The Danon siblings’ experience and sharing of their history was a memorable experience,” said CSD Board member David Cohen. “Their experiences, perspectives, and attitudes were remarkable. The students asked thoughtful questions, and as the generation of Holocaust survivors is declining in numbers, this was a valuable opportunity for Holocaust survivors to talk about the Holocaust to a young generation that can then share their experience with future generations.”