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PBL9 Presents Its City Project

models of redesigned township sitesPBL9 students made presentations of their redesigned Cheltenham spaces for the “City Project.” Re-imagined Cheltenham locations included Glenside Hall, Ogontz Field, and La Mott Community Center, among others.

Students' goals included identifying a space in the community that needs to be renovated; generating revenue for the township; identifying an unfulfilled need the space could serve; designing the space to serve the need; and pitching the design idea to local stakeholders.

The renovated spaces included a movie theater at Memorial Hall; new play space and daycare at Ogontz Field and La Mott Community Center; and a new apartment/condo complex in Glenside.

Courses covered in the project include biology, where students will explore how cellular structures evolved to support basic functions of life; social studies, where students will be learning about the “Central Place Theory” of market areas, how cities have evolved to serve the needs of their residents, the function of central business districts, and how global cities attract international corporations; and English, in which students will be exploring the form and structure of writing.