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PBL9 Launches Foodology

With quesadillas, lo mein and cookies on the menu, PBL9 launched its third project of the year, Foodology. Participating in a cooking demo with Keisha Prosser of the Mobile Cooking Teacher, students chopped veggies, sauteed chicken breasts and mixed ingredients, and noshed on their quesadillas and lo mein. Cookie dough was made, but the students had to wait a few days for the cookies to be made and brought back to campus for them to sample.

Foodology’s essential question is “What do you bring to the table?” Students will be researching genetic diseases and disorders, as well as health concerns, such as how to have healthy skin and lower cholesterol. They will explore associated dietary restrictions with these diseases and disorders and health concerns, and ultimately cook their own recipes to suit people with these needs. The launch served as an opportunity for the students to learn some cooking techniques while breaking bread together.