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Skills for Life Students Participate in Chartwells Internship

skills for life chartwells internshipThe CHS Skills for Life program is continuing its pre-vocational skill internship with Chartwells Food Service. The internship involves a group of students reporting to the CHS kitchen for two hours a morning twice a week. The internship runs the entire school year but participants change each marking period.

The student interns complete food prep tasks related to the daily menu such as cupping up fruit or sides; panning up frozen food like burgers or chicken nuggets; bagging cookies; and cutting vegetables. Other tasks include learning how to unload and care for produce and other items and even working in the dish room.  

“Our students learned so many new skills and the Chartwells staff were so great,” said Penny Young, CHS Skills for Life staff.

The student interns receive job coaching and Chartwells employees also support skill development by demonstrating the proper technique to complete kitchen-related tasks.

“We are grateful to Maureen Cahill and her wonderful CHS Chartwells team for their generosity and support throughout  this meaningful experience,” said CHS Transition Coordinator Gus Ekhardt.