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Hack the Ham ’22

hack the hamWith a theme of “healthy living,” and 85 participants from Cheltenham High School and Cedarbrook Middle School, the CHS Computer Honor Society hosted “Hack the Ham,” its fourth virtual hackathon, this past weekend. At this beginner-friendly virtual event for seventh through 12th graders, participants created apps, games and websites and heard from five alumni and two professionals.

“It was a great event,” said computer science honor society advisor Sarah Putterman. “I can't say enough about the fun we had with kids who really run everything, even the judging and scheduling. I am so lucky to have great students.”

Congratulations to sophomore Jules Howard, who was recognized for best overall high school project, “The Quest for Hygiene,” a game in Roblox created in Lua. The game features a world built in Blendr where participants go on a quest to improve a town’s hygiene and must win the final battle over a virus. Seventh grader Josh Owens won best overall in the middle school category with the game “Living Healthy,” created in Scratch and featuring animated characters, embedded mini games and healthy living facts.

The event featured middle school and high school Christopher Bloom Awards. Bloom was a member of the class of 2021 who passed away in November 2016. He loved math, computers, video games and superheroes. Freshman Tabitha Sterman and sophomore Alex Sharpe won the high school Bloom Award for their game “A Healthy Day,” done in Scratch and featuring food sorting, Simon Says and hand drawn graphics. The middle school Bloom Award went to eighth grader Evan Holovachuk, who created a game in C# with a simulation that takes place in a classroom where diseases spread.

The middle school category included awards from CHS WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) award, and for best group, best newcomer, and most applicable. High school awards included the CHS WISE Award, Proper Sky Award, and best newcomer, data science and analytics, most creative, and most applicable. View all the honorees>