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CHS Students Recognize National Computer Science Education Week


cs ed weekAs part of Computer Science Education Week, students in Sarah Putterman’s classes worked on some programming exercises. 

Junior Jonathan Deaton constructed and programmed Neopixels to celebrate the holiday season of lights. He soldered and explored the electrical supply to strips of LED lights. He wrote programs in JavaScript to offer solid and chaser lights in holiday colors that changed as the seasons progressed. 

Senior intern Natalie Doebley and her associates from the Women in Science & Engineering group have been building a hydroponic garden in the high school's greenhouse. Programming in Python, Natalie set up a Raspberry Pi to take images of the greenhouse every 24 hours, and she looks forward to having a time-lapse video showing progress of the harvest in the coming months.

In the Cybersecurity class at CHS, students worked within their cyber range to install and run a simulated automobile controller area network (CAN). They reverse-engineered which CAN IDs controlled the system and attempted to take over the car controls in their simulated environment. Support for this lesson came from Dr. Bryson Payne at University of North Georgia, and grants from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA),, and Next Gen Cyber.

Senior intern Madisyn Brandt created an "Escape the Room" for students in the Elkins Park School library. Her work used response validation to encourage students to search out clues on the Internet. Students who successfully "escaped" received swag from CHS, including STEM-themed novels and Cyber swag.