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CHS Theater Students Stage “Witness for the Prosecution”

witnessBefore Thanksgiving break, CHS theater students put on Agatha Christie’s “Witness for the Prosecution,” but due to COVID-19 restrictions, show attendees were limited to close friends and family of the cast and crew. Watch the performance on YouTube.

Set in 1920s London, “Witness” follows the tale of Leonard Vole, a young man accused of the murder of the elderly Emily French in London. Vole's wife Romaine agrees to give evidence, but rather than give evidence for her husband, she becomes the titular witness for the prosecution.

Congratulations to the cast of Ethan O’Hara (Carter), Asata Jenkins (Greta), Koen Kaschock-Marenda (Sir Wilfred Robards, Q.C.), Kai Bosniak (Mr. Mayhew), Andrew Marcus (Leonard Vole), Chloe Harris (Inspector Hearne), Tony Rebitz (Policeman), Sydra Minkoff (Romaine), Leo DiFelice (Clerk of the Court), Rheva Wolf (Ms. Myers, Q.C.), Sam Holovachuk (Mr. Justice Wainwright), Yariyah Lewis (Warder), Shay Millis (Dr. Wyatt), Maddie Cooney (Janet MacKenzie), Samiyah Williams (Ms. Clegg/Other Woman), Jolene Michel (Foreperson of the Jury), and Alex Rebitz (Second Juror).