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“Liquid Gold” Rush at CHS Cafeteria

compolizerCHS Environmental Club and CSD Food Services (Chartwells) are entering into an exciting new partnership with EarthBio Technologies, a local company with a new technology for processing food waste into an organic, nutrient-rich, liquid growing medium. Environmental Club members will be engaged as citizen scientists, testing the efficacy of EarthBioTech’s product in a vertical hydroponic growing tower purchased with a grant from the Hamels Foundation, which CHS Science Dept Chair Paul DeSipio obtained. 

EarthBioTech Managing Partner Doug Horner will provide compost containers to CHS cafeteria staff and collect food waste daily to process it into their “liquid gold” called “Compolizer.” Environmental Club members will use this liquid to help grow fresh herbs and vegetables hydroponically, providing fresh food to the CHS cafeteria for use in school lunches. This creates a sustainable cycle that significantly diverts waste from landfills while capturing its nutrient value for new plant growth.