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PBL11 Gets to Work with FarmerJawn at the Elkins Estate

PBL11 gets to work with FarmerJawn at the elkins estatePBL11 students began the work of clearing brush from one of the Elkins Estate greenhouses Friday morning, as proprietor Christa Barfield prepares to relocate FarmerJawn Community Supported Agriculture, a new non-profit urban agriculture enterprise, into the Cheltenham community.
Each season, FarmerJawn will host two farmers-in-residence, teaching them how to run an urban farm and coordinate a Community Supported Agriculture (“CSA”) program. PBL11 is learning project management skills as they work with FarmerJawn to bring Barfield's vision to life on the storied property in Elkins Park.
Students involved in the clean up: Katie Barnes, Marion Link, Ava Klebanoff, Wavenye Ogle, Amelia Fishman, Zachai Edmonds, TJ Taylor, Ricardo Taveras, Andrew Marcus, Anthony Rebitz and Derick Jones.