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Punkin Chunkin’ at Cheltenham Elementary

punkin chunkinDrawing inspiration from the trebuchets, slingshots, centrifugals, catapults, torsions, and pneumatic cannons used to launch a pumpkin as far as possible at the annual Punpkin Chunkin’ World Championships, CES fourth graders designed smaller-scale “machines” from cardboard, duct tape, rubber bands and other materials to send marshmallows flying.
“All the student teams did a fantastic job of building their machines,” said teacher Gerald Aungst. “We had a great variety of machines, and every team had at least one successful launch!”
While the machines were judged on safety, reliability, and aesthetic, launch distance brought home the competition championship for Marissa Sylpha, Samyah Taylor and Sincere Miller (pictured) from Mr. Vaughn’s room whose machine catapulted a marshmallow nearly 10 meters. Mrs. Falso’s class showed well, taking three of the top five places and recording the highest average distance (568 cm). For the third straight year, none of the groups came close to all-time school district record of 1,950 cm., set in 2019 by a team in Mrs. Hurley's class.
Congratulations to all of the fourth graders for a job well done!