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EP Acknowledges MLK/BHM Essay Contest Winners

EP Essay Winners Congratulations to Elkins Park students Tina Ramberg-Michael and Gerard-Bernard Sejour. Both students tackled the weighty issue of "Why is it important to take action against things that you feel are wrong?"

Fifth grader Tina offered, "Look at history. If we didn’t keep rising up, fighting, causing REVOLUTIONS, where would we be? We would most likely be oppressed under tyrannous rule, with no hope." 

Sixth grader Gerard-Bernard reflected on Martin Luther King’s quote “The time is always right to do what is right,” writing, “When I first heard this, I spent a long time thinking about what is right. Some people do what is right in their opinion. But what is right for the community? Some people are afraid. They are afraid to do what is right. Why are these people afraid? Nobody knows. Maybe they don’t want to humiliate themselves.” 

Congratulations to the essay contest winners and thank you to all those who submitted.