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Cybersecurity Team Competing at National Scholarship Competition

CHS Cybersecurity Team A dozen members of the Cheltenham High School Cybersecurity team are competing at the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation’s competition for high school students through Wednesday, April 7 for $2M in college scholarships and access to cybersecurity training. These students are among the 92 from Pennsylvania who qualified for the virtual program, which includes roughly 4,700 students nationwide: Seniors Rachel Hanes and Lisa Lam; juniors Rahmiq Brown, Natalie Doebley, Romero Schwarz and Joseph Weimer; sophomores Ella Homa and Madison Messa; and freshmen Henry Berson, Samuel Holovachuk, Esther Kim, and Rheva Wolf. 

The students will participate in a ‘Capture the Flag’ (CTF) cybersecurity competition involving a set of computer security puzzles and challenges to test your skills in password cracking, reverse-engineering, memory corruption and cryptography. When a challenge is solved, players receive a “flag” — a secret string of code to be exchanged for points. The more points gained, the higher the competitor moves up in rank.

The team has been operating since December 2019 and participates in CyberPatriot, National Cyber League, and picoCTF, in addition to Cyberstart America. Their strengths this year have been in wireless access and web application exploitation, along with password cracking and cryptography.  All students operate in a cyber range with access to virtual Linux and Windows machines.

The National Cyber Scholarship program will award college scholarships of $2,500 to at least 600 U.S. high school students to recognize their talent, and encourage them to become part of the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.