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CHS Vocal Arts Stages “The Theory of Relativity” from Drama Desk Award-Nominated Pair Bartram and Hill

CHS Vocal Arts is staging “The Theory of Relativity” from the Drama Desk Award-nominated duo of  Neil Bartram (music and lyrics) and Brian Hill (book) (“The Story of My Life”) April 23-25. Families will have two options to view the production:

A study in the surprising interconnectedness of all lives, “The Theory of Relativity” presents a seemingly unrelated collection of songs, scenes and monologues to produce a compelling array of characters experiencing joys and heartbreaks, liaisons and losses, inevitability and the wonder of human connection.

Cast members seniors Venus Agbadan, Naomi Guth, Casey McLaughlin, and Saarah Waheed; juniors Dejsha Archer, Sydney DiFebbo, Raina Miller and Jaeden Keyes; sophomores Ricando Davis, Andrew Marcus and Thea Stamoulis; and freshmen Keaton Ball, Lena Cathcart, and Rheva Wolf will take the stage as part of this song cycle, a group, or cycle, of individually complete songs designed to be performed in a sequence as a unit. 

Deb Schrager and Jennifer Corsanico Berger are co-directors, Brian Shapella is the music director / audio engineer, and Lauren Tracy is the technical director. Karen Shaffran is the executive producer. 

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