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Sophomore Ella Homa Hits the KYW1060 Airwaves

Sophomore Ella Homa Hits the KYW1060 Airwaves The voice of sophomore Ella Homa graced the airwaves of KYW1060 in December with a report about Cheltenham’s school reopening plan. As an aspiring member of the fourth estate, Homa jumped at the chance to enroll in the KYW Newstudies Student Reporter program this fall after learning about it from her Challenge teacher Elaine McGoldrick.Selecting her topic wasn’t the easiest but after presentations from a variety of professionals and mentors through the Newstudies program, Homa realized the most relevant topic on which she could report was COVID-19 and its impact.

“All of our lives have been altered by it in one way or another, so the topic is extremely relatable. I thought, why not write a story about our school district’s reopening plan? It could be informative for Cheltenham residents, provide ideas to other people about how to reopen schools, and give people some information as to how other school districts nearby are reopening.”

To create her report, Homa recorded her voice on the voice memo app on her iPhone, and employed an audio-editing web app to excerpt soundbites from a Cheltenham legislative board meeting before stitching it together into a 35-second audio file.

“The program opened up my view to a lot of things,” Homa said. “Some careers seem simply farfetched and unreachable, reserved for the special or the famous - particularly news reporting. Can you imagine being the voice of the morning? Becoming the next Cecily Tynan or Brian Taff? 

“But after participating in the KYW Newstudies program, the world of news reporting was shown in an entirely new light, and the career is a solid option I think I could really get into.”

Since 1968, KYW Newsradio has given high school students the opportunity to learn about a major market radio station with the Newstudies student reporter program. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students participated remotely to learn news writing, reporting, ethics and interviewing skills from station managers, editors, reporters, anchors and guest speakers.

Listen to Homa’s report>