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Wyncote Students Play Flipgrid “Would You Rather?”

IWyncote Flipgrid Assignment n an effort to give students a voice and chance to share their thoughts, Wyncote students have been encouraged to post on library media specialist Amy Flynn’s “We Are All in This Together” Flipgrid page. Each week, Flynn posts a fun topic for students to share their opinions, ideas or knowledge. Topics have ranged from poems to “Would You Rather?” to “Guess My Spanish Word.” “Would You Rather” included tough choices like “find a unicorn or a genie?” “be a dancer or singer?” and “eat donuts or watermelon?”

During distance learning, some students and teachers struggle with not feeling connected and being able to “see” each other. Videos are unique and provide students and teachers the chance to engage in two-way communication. Flipgrid is used for a variety of purposes but, one of the most important is amplifying student voice. It’s called #FlipgridFever. View “Would You Rather” Flipgrid>