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EP Painting Project

Elkins Park School teacher, Ms. Lise Marlowe, recently worked with her students on a very special project that honors a very special man..Harry Somers. Harry's inspirational life story is coming out this spring via a documentary. The film tells of Harry's experience as a Holocaust survivor and the inspirational art that allowed him to heal. The film's director generously shared his movie transcripts with Ms. Marlowe and her class so that they could write a book to keep Harry's memory alive. Ms. Marlowe details Harry Somer's life in "Bringing Beauty into the World: The Life of Harry Somers". Her 42 page book includes student created poems inspired by Harry's paintings and life struggles. Harry's wife, upon hearing of Ms. Marlowe's project, donated a signed print by her husband. The Somers original now hangs in the Elkins Park School Main Office for all to see. Ms. Marlowe's students are continuing Harry's legacy by painting beautiful landscapes and donating them to local charities to bring beauty into the world like Harry did. In a special gesture of love, the first painting will go to the Bloom family, as they recently lost their son, Chris, who attended Elkins Park School. On Monday, December 19th, Ms. Marlowe's class celebrated their literary accomplishment with a book signing at the OpenBook Bookstore in Elkins Park.

You can learn about Harry Somers' inspirational life as an artist by clicking on the following link:

You can purchase your very own copy of Bringing Beauty into the World: The Life of Harry Somers by Lise Marlowe and her class via the following link: