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Myers Boosterthon

Myers students could hardly wait to join the fun on Friday when they capped off their Boosterthon fundraising efforts. Boosterthon Fun Run Company works with schools on targeted fundraising efforts while incorporating character education lessons and a super cool fitness experience. Brought to the school by the Myers PTO, the Boosterthon team set up their culminating activity on Friday. In the Boosterthon model students acquire sponsors for laps that they commit to running. But these aren't your ordinary laps; they are completed with high energy music playing and a fun blowup tunnel to pass through. Boys and girls went round and round, high-fiving other while getting some dance moves in here and there. Money raised from the fun filled fundraising activity will go directly towards the purchase of new playground equipment for the school. Thank you, Myers PTO, for supporting the district in such a wonderful way.