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CHS Student's Poem One Of Top 5 Submissions For Diversity Poetry Contest

 Fall 2016 Presidential Symposium on Diversity Poetry ContestMikayla Stone

Montgomery County Community College’s Presidential Symposium on Diversity featured award-winning author Jacqueline Woodson on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, who discussed her memoir, “Brown Girl Dreaming.” In honor of her visit, the College held a poetry contest for all students, faculty and staff.  Poems were centered around the theme "Stories I Tell."

Mikayla Stone's ('17) poem "Adopted" was chosen as one of the top five submissions.  She met Jacqueline Woodson on November 9 and participated in a special luncheon and panel discussion.

Read Mikayla's poem below:


You talk White…Why do you say it like that?
You’re such an Oreo they say to me…
Penguin, Cookies and Cream, Not Black enough
That’s what they call me.

But the truth is, I am adopted, adopted by parents who care
By White parents who will always be there.
And no I wasn’t taken away cuz my birth parents didn’t love me… It’s just that
They were struggling to the highest degree.

Being adopted is hard
Every time you blow out
The candles on your birthday cake, you sit there thinking, wondering, wow, was I a mistake?
There must be a reason for my birth, a reason for my placement on this Earth.
But it’s hard to find when you’re wandering blind
Never knowing, never showing, always pushing away and wondering why you couldn’t stay

I know I should be happy for what I have been given
A great family, opportunities, a gorgeous house to live in…
But I can’t tell you how many times I have sat in my room
Searching my mind for something to remember her by, a certain smile, phrase, scent, glint in her eye.
And almost always I want to cry because I feel alone.

Not knowing who to be
What music to play
What words to say
What movies to see
What culture for me?
What am I?
What makes me, me?

But again, my birth parents were struggling to the highest degree.
Do I want to meet them?
Do they want to meet me?