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CHS Freshman Transition Students Practice Mindfulness With Positive Psychology Expert

Freshman Seminar

This fall, Cheltenham High School launched an exciting Freshmen Transition program for 70 incoming first year students. The program provides incoming students with resources, mentoring, and networking opportunities. Freshmen in this program will experience a teaming model approach to education that employs student-centered instructional strategies, such as interdisciplinary teaching and project-based learning.Students also explore college and career opportunities, engage in real-world learning, and produce authentic and impactful work.

On Thursday, October 27th, the district's resident Positive Psychology expert, Mr. Louis Alloro, visited Ms. Keziah La Torre's seminar class to teach a lesson on mindfulness. Mr. Alloro practiced deep breathing exercises with the class and challenged students to intentionally focus their mind by balancing a peacock feather on the tip of their finger.

The Freshmen Transition Team is comprised of coordinator Keziah La Torre, and six classroom teachers, including Ms. Acosta (English), Ms. Ricci (Science), Ms. Di Giulio (Science), Ms. Clearkin (Special Education), Ms. Jackson (Social Studies), and Ms. Wawrzyniak (Mathematics).