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New Secure Online System By SchoolCafe

SchoolCafe is the new and improved online portal to handle school lunch payment options, replacing our former system — MySchoolBucks. To set up your student account, click here.

1) How do I add money/make a payment to my child’s account?

We encourage parents to utilize to add funds to their student(s) lunch account. You can also send money to school with your student.

2) I made an online payment. When can my student use the payment?

Your student’s cafeteria account at the school is credited within 24 hours but is possible to become available as soon as two (2) hours.

3) Can I receive notification when my student’s account balance is low?

Yes, once you register and set up your account, you can set a low balance alert in your account. This function is located under Student Accounts.

4) Why was my account locked when making a payment?

After three (3) failed payment attempts, the payment function is locked. You must contact SchoolCafe to remove the lock. Support hours are 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST. You can contact support by phone at 1-855-729-2328, by email or by website at

5) What if I have several students in different schools?

You can add as many students attending schools within CSD as you need in your account. Payments for each student are made separately.

6) Can I transfer money from one child to another?

You cannot transfer funds using the online system. You must contact the Central Administration Food Service Department at 215-881-6314.

7) What happens to the money in my account at the end of the school year?

Your account balance moves with your student(s) from grade to grade and school to school within the district.

8) How do I receive a refund?

You must contact the Central Administration Food Service Department at 215-881-6314.