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Glenside Elementary Students Place In Philadelphia Young Playwrights Festival

ge and pyp logos(October 12, 2022) Two class plays from Glenside Elementary placed in the Philadelphia Young Playwrights Festival. Ms. Caitlin Ramirez’s third grade class came in first place, and Mrs. Misty Wagner’s third grade class earned third place. 

Ramirez’s third graders collaborated to tell a story of how several characters were sucked into a tornado. The story followed a koala named “Bobo,” who couldn't speak, and her best friend Jo Jo. The play portrayed how the characters experienced the tornado from their different perspectives and how other characters told their stories about how the tornado affected them. 

Wagner’s class play was based on a fun and imaginative story about a strong central character named Crystal who woke up from a coma and then disappeared. She was kidnapped by robbers and encountered a ghost. The story took lots of twists and turns as each student contributed to the plot.