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Cheltenham School District, Township Police Agree to Revised Memorandum of Understanding to Guide Relationship Moving Forward

July 8, 2021 - After months of negotiations, the Cheltenham School District and Cheltenham Township Police Department have agreed to major revisions of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two institutions. The school district board of school directors considered its own goals, input from local advocacy groups and public comment from recent legislative board meetings in its approach to reworking of the document. The final, approved MOU aims to foster a relationship of cooperation and mutual support and to maintain a safe school environment.

Some highlights of the updated version of the MOU include: 

  • Removal of the Montgomery County District Attorney and county detectives as a signatory;
  • Removal of the “Recommended Notification” category of offenses;
  • Removal of the “Discretionary Notification” category of offenses;
  • Retention of the requirement that parents/guardians be notified when law enforcement will be interviewing their child at school;
  • Addition of language indicating the relationship should be maintained in a way that “…does not result in an over presence of law enforcement in the school environment”;
  • Addition of language stating “... Through the cooperative and supportive efforts of both parties, the parties strive to reduce student referrals to the criminal justice system and eliminate the school-to-prison pipeline.”

If further changes are requested by either party, the MOU can be revisited and revised any time, eliminating the standard two-year duration of previous MOUs.

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