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CES iLab Teams with Vanguard for Student Hour of Code Workshops

CES iLab Teams with Vanguard for Student Hour of Code Workshops Through the Women’s Initiative for Leadership Success at Vanguard, employees from the Malvern, Pa.-based financial investment firm have been working with Cheltenham Elementary students on coding projects in the CES iLab.

In a belated celebration of Hour of Code, this week, Vanguard Data Scientists Anna Radonjic and Kyle Mahady and Data Engineer Jamal Campbell worked with students in Mike Ferris’ third-grade class on Minecraft Voyage Aquatic challenges, which saw the students work in pairs (a driver and navigator) to “code” solutions to the challenges. Vanguard employees were at the school throughout the week, and almost every CES class had the opportunity to participate in the coding challenges.

“I see some of these students using the same concepts in these challenges that I face in my work,” said Campbell. “They are very basic concepts, but I’m still impressed with these kids. I thought I’d be helping them much more, but that’s just not the case.”

iLab Challenge Coordinator Gerald Aungst said coding is for anyone, as it teaches “reasoning, computational thinking and problem solving.” As digital natives, these students are growing up using these devices, “but the next level is for them to figure out how they work. We’re instilling coding principles at an early age.” 

Aungst will host the CES fourth annual Family Code & Robotics Night on Wednesday, May 13, 2020, where families can learn coding with their child(ren) and see the many different robots built and programmed by Cheltenham students.