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CSD Celebrates School Director Recognition Month

board member recognition monthThe Cheltenham School District is pleased to honor members of its board of school directors during the Pennsylvania School Board Association’s School Director Recognition Month of January.

“I’m happy to pay tribute to our hardworking board members,” said CSD Superintendent Dr. Brian W. Scriven. “As a new superintendent, their leadership has been instrumental in my on-boarding process. I’m grateful for their commitment and leadership.”

CSD school directors include president Pamela Henry, vice president Daniel Schultz, Charles Burdell-Williams, David Cohen, Zachary Epps, Joel Fishbein, Julie Haywood, Jennifer Lowman and Leah Mulhearn. These elected officials volunteer their time and devote hours each month to the challenging and complex responsibilities of board business, including voting on budgets, adopting policy and conducting comprehensive planning.

I am grateful to work alongside this exceptional team!” said Ms. Henry. “Spending numerous hours conducting board business is not easy but this team is truly passionate and committed to educational excellence and service.”

The CSD Board of School Directors has taken the step of adopting the Pennsylvania School Boards Association’s “Principles for Governance and Leadership” – a framework of action steps designed to increase boards’ effectiveness. Research shows that school board actions have a direct impact on student achievement. Therefore, it is crucial that boards engage in actions that increase their effectiveness, for the betterment of the students they serve.

Pennsylvania public schools educate nearly 2 million students and more than 4,200 are in the Cheltenham School District. The nine members of each local school board are a vital part of the district’s administrative team, making informed decisions that lead public schools and provide opportunities for every student to succeed.