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CHS CS Students Mentor CES Scholars during Hour of Code

cs ed weekOn Friday, Dec. 10, during the Cheltenham Elementary celebration of Computer Science Education Week, CHS students Natalie Doebley and Joey Weimer, seniors in Sarah Putterman's computer science courses, visited CES to work with third- and fourth-grade students during Hour of Code. Throughout the week, classes from all grades came to the CES iLab, the school makerspace, to participate in Hour of Code, which is to let novices get a light introduction to computer science and programming.
Natalie and Joey shared their knowledge and experience with students in Mrs. Hurley and Mrs. Myrick's classes. Natalie is the president of CHS Women in Science and Engineering and executive officer for the CHS Computer Science Honor Society. They are members of the CHS Cybersecurity Team. As the third-and fourth-graders solved coding puzzles at with a Minecraft or Star Wars themes, Natalie and Joey provided encouragement, support and assistance to help the students. Both students have asked to return on a regular basis to continue helping with our coding lessons.