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CSD Chromebook Loaners & Repairs


The Cheltenham School District recognizes the difficulties of our current shared circumstances, and wants to help alleviate the strain families are feeling as the result of the government-mandated school shutdown. To that end, the CSD Office of Technology is distributing a limited number of loaner Chromebooks to K-6 students from our most in-need families, and replacing damaged Chromebooks. Read more>

Chromebook Loaner Guidelines (Set through data collected from students)

  • Please comply with our request to have these devices available for our most in-need families who do not have access to electronic devices. According to our most recent data, only 10 percent of our families shared that they do not have a device at home.
  • We ask that your middle and/or high school students with a school-issued Chromebook share their device(s) with their younger siblings. 
  • The district lacks the resources to put a device into the hands of every student attending our schools.


Requesting a Loaner or Repair


Devices requests will be filled at the Administration Building (2000 Ashbourne Rd., Elkins Park, PA) every Tuesday and Thursday by appointment only. Please do not come into the Administration Building without completing a loaner or repair form (unless the family does not have the ability to complete the form online).

Once a Chromebook Request Form has been completed, your child's principal will receive an email to verify the request. The principal will then forward that verification to the Office of Technology, which will reach out to the family to schedule a pick up time.

Once a Chromebook Repair Form has been completed, the Office of Technology will receive an email notification of the request and reach out to schedule an appointment at which you will be provided with a replacement device in exchange for your current device.

Affordable internet for eligible homes is available through Comcast’s Internet Essentials program and Verizon’s Lifeline program.