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District Fiscal Update




Dear Cheltenham School District Community -


The Cheltenham School District and Cheltenham Educators’ Association (CEA) began negotiating a new contract in January 2019. The teachers’ contract expired June 30, 2019. Concurrently, we are negotiating a contract with our Business Employees’ Council Support Personnel (BEC).


We value and respect our teachers and staff and understand their critical roles in helping us provide the best possible educational experience for all of the district’s students.


Our intent is to provide clear and transparent communication about this process, conveying the district’s major financial and educational challenges and opportunities, as well as our goals for these contracts. We hope the attached document helps you understand the district’s ongoing fiscal challenges and the tough decisions we need to make.




Julie Haywood

President, Board of School Directors


Joel I. Fishbein

Vice President, Board of School Directors