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Elkins Park Students Stage Mock Trial for a Character from “The Giver”

EP Mock Trial Mary Aiken’s reading classes at Elkins Park have been working on a mock trial with former district reading teacher and administrator Anne Spector, who works with the Rendell Center for Civics & Civic Engagement. The students read the dystopian novel “The Giverand worked with Mrs. Spector throughout January and February to process the novel, choose a character to be placed on trial, choose witnesses and learn how to create questions for the witnesses. The students received visits from the Honorable Judge Steven Tolliver, who taught them how a courtroom operates, and Pamela Harris Williams, Esq., who illustrated how to write questions for witnesses. All of the visitors have been amazed by the students regarding their thoughts on crime and justice. As a culminating activity to this wonderful experience, the students were invited to try their case in Judge Tolliver’s courtroom in Norristown and in the Honorable David R. Strawbridge’s courtroom at the Federal Courthouse in Center City, which gave students the opportunity to see what a courtroom looks like and participate in their “trial.”