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PBIS Implementers’ Forum

Congratulations to the Elkins Park School core leadership team for being recognized at the 2019 Pennsylvania Positive Behavioral Support (PAPBS) Implementers’ Forum May 14 and 15 for their efforts in establishing a Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) student leadership team. The PBIS team of Climate and Culture Administrator Kevin Smith (CHS), Shareese Nelson (EP) and Elsie Russell (GE and CE) and EP teacher Andre Clark showcased its student PBIS engagement efforts, which include student opportunities to be active in PBIS initiatives and learn from district and community leaders about leadership. The students have learned about school governance and the skills, disposition and character needed to be a school leader.

The Pennsylvania Positive Behavioral Support (PAPBS) Implementers' forum has occurred annually since 2011, and this year addressed multiple comprehensive and specialized program strands at the early childhood, elementary, middle and high school levels. Interventions and fidelity-based implementation examples shared with attendees included coaching, community and family partnerships, foundations for positive behavior interventions and supports and universal supports.