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Cindy Goldberg Presents at Positive Education Conference

Cindy Goldberg Positive Education Conference Flyer CSD Mindfulness Coach Cindy Goldberg is a featured presenter at the Shipley School’s Introduction to Positive Education Conference for educators, administrators and school specialists June 17-19. The professional development program is designed to introduce participants to the concepts, skills and best practices of positive psychology as they apply to schools.

Goldberg’s “Mindfulness in the Classroom” workshop offers 25 activities that work to bring fun into the classroom, including mindful balancing, like placing a peacock feather on your pointer finger and focusing on keeping the feather in the air.

Mindfulness has become an answer to many of the stressors in children’s lives. With anxiety and depression on the rise, children and teens need a resource toolbox to bring about calm and focus. Telling a student to “calm down” doesn’t work. Students need to learn how to calm themselves in ways that work best for them.

Click to register, review a detailed conference schedule and get a workshop sneak peek. Act 48 Credits may be available.