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Elkins Park School Hosts Annual ACCT Assembly

EP ACCT Assembly This past Thursday, Elkins Park School held its 17th annual kickoff assembly in support Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT), the region’s largest animal care and control service provider. During the assembly, students and teachers shared wonderful experiences about bringing animals into their homes and giving them their “Forever Homes.”

Former Wyncote and EP teacher Betsy Conway spearheaded the event, and challenged the students and staff to donate the much needed supplies. ACCT volunteer Joyce Tighe, who has lost count of the animals she has fostered on behalf of ACCT,  drove home the point by showing students formula, heating pads and leashes to illustrate many of the needed supplies.

As Elkins Park School has adopted ACCT as its animal shelter, a dog pen has been set up In the Kircher Hall foyer, where EP students, teachers and staff can drop off clean towels, blankets, linen and any other animal-related supplies. Conway challenged the EP community to have the dog pen overflow with donations in the three weeks supplies are being collected at the school. The school will also hold a fundraiser in the near future to raise funds to purchase needed supplies.

ACCT Philly manages the city’s animal shelter facility in North Philadelphia, handling nearly 18,000 animals on an annual basis, including dogs, cats, reptiles, birds and wildlife. ACCT makes sure every animal is spayed or neutered before adoption. Its goal is to get every animal adopted, or transferred to rescues. ACCT Philly is open seven days a week – except for major holidays – for pet adoptions.