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27th Annual Future Problem Solving Bowl

Images from Problem Solving Bowl For the 27th consecutive year, teams of critical, creative thinkers from across the district came together for the annual Future Problem Solvers (FPS) Bowl. Each of the problem solvers has worked for months with their coaches to learn and refine the difficult future problem-solving process, which emphasizes cooperation and critical thinking and de-emphasizes competitiveness. Click for results>

“Coping with stress” was the topic for this year’s FPS Bowl. Students learned useful strategies to apply whenever they are faced with making decisions. As a result, CSD problem solvers know how to make positive, thoughtful and humane decisions. When people hear “stress,” they may assume it’s a bad thing. In small doses, stress can actually be good for people. Stressors can cause positive and negative reactions. How stress is managed is important. CSD coaches and problem solvers have been learning the vocabulary and concepts related to the Future Problem Solving process.

Can you imagine everyone working together in the future? CSD problem solvers had to do just that to solve the future scene and yes, they probably experienced some STRESS! For the bowl, the students worked in teams to find a solution for a scenario involving an example depicting the daily stress families of the future may encounter.

Ribbons were awarded to the teams who demonstrated the most skill and creative problem-solving ability as shown in their written work (the packet). Ribbons were also awarded for best skits. After selecting their best solution, the teams all had about a half and hour to create a skit to “sell” the best solution to a pair of judges. Props had to be created from these materials: One piece of poster board, four paper plates, four cups, markers, paper clips, tape and a secret prop:  THE CONE. The problem solvers had to use creativity to work this secret prop into each skit.

Special thanks to secretary to the assistant superintendent Karen Howard for all of her hard work coordinating the bowl, and coaches Maria Hobson and Kristin Krause (Wyncote), Angie Epperson and Sue Nathan (Glenside), Mike Schmidt and Chris Decker (Myers), Delilah Montemayor and Paige Budin (Cheltenham), Dottie Mazullo and Jenna Jarrett (Elkins Park), Cheree Atwood (Cedarbrook) and Sarah Putterman (Cheltenham High School).