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EP Students "Camp-In" At The Franklin Institute

EP students explore science at the Franklin Institute The Franklin Institute “camp-in” trip delivered an unforgettable experience for fifth grade students at CSD Elkins Park School this past weekend. The “camp-in” program allows students to get hands-on with science and explore the museum in a way that ordinary day trips don’t because students get to “camp-in” and spend the entire night in the museum … How cool is that?

Highlights of this year’s trip included the live science show “The Make It Work Show,” where the concepts of work and the physics of motion were on display. This year’s IMAX movie, “Dream Big,” took students on a journey through engineering’s greatest wonders, and also told the of human grit, aspiration, compassion and the triumph of human ingenuity over life’s greatest challenges.  As the night wound down, students were treated to the video “A Night in the Life of Your Brain.”

Special thanks to all of the teacher and parent chaperones and to Sandi Oneto and Charlotte Cleghorn for the use of their photos.