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Cheltenham Students Take Center Stage at Philadelphia Young Playwrights Annual Festival

Cheltenham Elementary Students First Place PYP Winners Can Tony Award nominations be far behind? Aspiring playwrights from across the Cheltenham School District showed well at this year's Philadelphia Young Playwrights annual Playwriting Festival, capturing three first place honors and eight second place recognitions.

First place honors went to Gerald Aungst's Cheltenham Elementary class, who wrote "Super Secrets"; Elkins Park student Jemma Bleu Greenbaum (under the direction of Mary Aiken) for "Disagree to Agree"; and Wyncote teacher Kristin Krause's students Iris Dobeck, Simone Ellison-Metcalfe, Ingrid Kary, Jamie Taub for "The Secret Law."

Winners were chosen from more than 700 submissions from students in 40 different schools. The competition was held this past school year, and schools referenced reflect where the student(s) attended during 2017-18.

Each year, Philadelphia Young Playwrights invites students to submit their plays to the annual Playwrighting Festival. Plays are considered by the literary committee—a collection of nearly 70 program alumni, artists, staff, teachers, and others—who read and write individualized responses to every play. Literary committee members recommend a number of outstanding plays to be considered for further consideration by two additional groups of readers, Pre-Final Committee and Final Committee.

Since 1987, Philadelphia Young Playwrights (PYP) has partnered with educators to bring the transformative power of playwriting into classrooms and community settings across Greater Philadelphia. Placing students at the center of their learning, PYP's intensive writing residencies advance writing-based literacy skills while developing critical 21st century skills like creativity, communication and collaboration.


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