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Cheltenham Young Playwright Winning Work Selected for Staged Readings

Three Cheltenham School District plays will be performed as staged readings for the Philly Young Playwrights’ SaturPlay event on October 6 at Smith Playground (3500 Reservoir Drive, Philadelphia). This free event is for the whole family and features four short plays of mystery, magic and mischief written by Philadelphia-area students and brought to life by the Philly Young Playwrights (PYP) professional actors.

The plays include “Disagree to Agree” by EP’s Jemma Bleu Greenbaum; “The Secret Law” by Iris Dobeck, Simone Ellison-Metcalfe, Ingrid Kary and Jamie Taub, EP students who completed the play as Wyncote students; and “Super Secrets” by Cheltenham Elementary teacher Gerald Aungst’s third grade class from the 2017-18 school year. Chosen from more than 700 submissions from students in 40 different schools, each play won first place in the “elementary” category of the Philly Playwriting Festival.

“Disagree to Agree” follows twin brothers Raymond and TJ Baker who start out in Disagree to Agree as different as can be. They are constantly driving their mother crazy with their arguing. After a walk through the park, TJ and Raymond notice many homeless people and decide to raise money to buy an abandoned house to fix up and house local people in need of a safe place to stay. Working together is a challenge for these two very different boys, but they learn that they do actually make a pretty good team and are able to help people when they put aside their differences and work toward a common goal.

“The Secret Law” portrays a dystopian future where all women lose their rights because of a  secret law passed by the evil vice president Dr. Drine. Three women detectives take matters into their own hands in order to seek justice, but in order to do it, they must break the law and travel to the White House.

“Super Secrets” follows Brianna, her cousin Kendall, and their friend Sir Peanut (who is ironically allergic to peanuts) as they confront and try to defeat Lady Luna Glitter Sparkles, a super villain who captures people and tries to make them do her bidding. What they don’t know is that Lady Luna has a dark secret that is certain to change the lives of everyone forever.

Reservations can be made online. If you receive a "sold out" message when reserving tickets, contact PYP Resident Producer/Teaching Artist Jesse Bernstein.

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