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CSD Shows its Character

On Wednesday, Sept. 26, CSD students and staff joined a celebration of the unique strengths which make people who they are as part of the fifth annual Character Day. An annual global event, Character Day brings together millions of people of all ages in schools, classrooms, companies, homes — anywhere people already gather — to engage in conversation and action around character (strengths like empathy, grit, gratitude, creativity and leadership). This year, more than 200,000 groups participated — that’s 15,000 schools and greater than 4 million people.

In Cheltenham, Myers’ kindergarten students and their parents identified their children’s super signature strengths. Ms. Dunham’s kindergarteners at Glenside, where staff wore orange T-shirts with the character strength that best described them, worked on a “character counts” lesson. Cedarbrook students watched a short film on the science of character from that emphasized developing character strengths, which can be learned, practiced and cultivated, to live a more meaningful life. At Wyncote, a special character day visitor came to Mrs. Ryan’s first grade class and the students sang with Ms. Shelley’s shruti about their character strengths. Staff tackled the global question for this year's Character Day, “What is the best advice you've ever received?” by answering this question and placing stickies on a common board for all to see.

Character Day activities were based on evidence-based scientific studies which reveal focusing on our strengths encourages greater happiness and self-acceptance. Discover your own strengths at or find activities and films at If you are interested in participating in an upcoming character-based parenting workshop and book club, contact Mrs. Cindy Goldberg.


Character Day 2018