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Equity Policy Approved

Equity Policy At its Tuesday, Sept. 8 legislative meeting, the board unanimously approved its new equity policy. After creating an equity statement, the administration and board hosted more than a year of community and policy committee meetings to finalize the equity policy.


As part of the district's continuing effort to dismantle systemic inequities, per the new policy, the board is ... "committed to the success of every one of its students and believes providing access to an equitable experience within the district is critical to facilitating such success. The board is committed to using quantitative and qualitative dis-aggregated district, building-level, and individual student data to:


  1. Direct the superintendent and/or designee to identify and remove institutional barriers that result in achievement and/or opportunity gaps for students; and
  2. Implement policies, practices and procedures that ensure a student’s educational success is neither predetermined or predicated by factors such as a student’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, identification as a student with identified disabilities, individual learning needs, social or economic status, or other identity related factors.