Course Selection

  • This guide has been formulated to aid you in making the best possible course selections. Review the course offerings carefully to be sure that you are electing the courses you need to fulfill graduation requirements and prepare yourself for your chosen area of work or study. If you or your parents have any questions about future plans and/or course selections, please consult with your counselor or a staff member. They want to help with these decisions.

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Counseling Department

Lori Cohen
Phone: 215-517-3777 Fax: 215-517-3783
Paul Bryant
Phone: 215-517-3775
Ambrosia Martin
Phone: 215-517-3778
Michael DiPiero
Phone: 215-517-3723
Anh Tran-Doerr
Phone: 215-517-3780
Keila Vargas
Phone: 215-517-3776
Spentley Toran
Mental Health and Wellness Counselor K-12
Phone: 215-517-5446